Sunday, December 7, 2014


From Colin Johns: 
"Another fine show last night at a perfect, unique venue, Wolf Creek Trading Co. Easily one of the most enjoyable solo shows I've played in a while.
A listening audience, there for the music and kinship. No phones, no TVs, no ballyhoo; strictly( good) a wonderfully attentive and generous gathering and top setting.
Thanks to John Fitzgibbons, Beth Becker and Cindy for the warm welcome and attention to quality and for all my new and old friends for turning up. You're the best!"

From John Fitzbiggons: 

"A HUGE THANK YOU to all that came out to play with us last night. Your support of our artists and musicians is deeply appreciated"

From me (that Beth Becker person):
All of you have become a second family to me~ time spent with you at Wolf Creek Trading Co and at our events is The Best. Thank You for coming out to join in the merriment! 

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