Saturday, October 4, 2014

WHAT IS IT ?? Appraiser Maggie Walker will be at our Fall Festival October 11 and tell you !!

will be at our Fall Festival !!!
Saturday October 11th, 12-6 pm

Bring your items in for a verbal appraisal and/or explanation of what they are!  

Do you have any items you've always wondered about? - how much they're worth ? what are they?
*** Maggie will be at our Fall Festival doing verbal appraisals of your items. (written appraisals can be done for a fee)  

THE ANSWER: This is a HOG OILER for those not-in-the-know, these are very collectible.  (and the Hogs Really Appreciate the detailed attention to their skin)  

A hog oiler was used to provide relief from insects and soothe the skin of the hogs. The oil was held in a tank and would apply itself to the skin of the hogs as the hogs rubbed up against.

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