Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Beautiful Item Created in the Carpentry Shop of Wolf Creek Trading Co.

My wonderful wine rack designed and beautifully crafted by John Fitzgibbons. (I will be accepting bottles of wine to fill this up!) Everything from his design to choice of wood, to detailed craftsmanship is spot on. My next goal is to make sure he signs it. After all it is a piece of art ~

If you'd like a wine rack.. or pretty much anything else, John Fitzgibbons is The master carpenter with artistic ability. 
He worked with me to create this ; he will do the same for you. You'll end up with a design that is unique to your needs and desires and can be passed on from one generation to the next.

Call John for custom quotes on everything from Custom Cabinetry-Furniture Repair- Custom Guitar (Lutheir) Work (Designed to your specifications and built by Tom Hardy) to Hand Hammered Iron Works - (330) 604 -1900

~ Cheers !

I had been searching for a vertical wine rack for a small area in my kitchen. John came up with a perfect solution that is both beautiful and functional.  The vertical wood is a spalted maple (spalting is a form of wood coloration or unique patter caused by fungi. Lovely character and beauty in the pattern)  The bottom wood is a teak. 

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