Thursday, May 29, 2014

Have a Seat !

A while back I gave you a “Behind Closed Doors” status. John and Tom had been diligently working away in the woodshop. You saw the BEFORE photos. Now I’ll give you the beautiful AFTER--- and tell you they were building ….

Adirondack Tall Chairs! Taller then bar stools and EVER so comfy on your bottom (meaning I could sit in one for hours). Plus see that nice wide armrest, perfect for setting your drink on and a foot rest to boot (literally). Craftsmanship from John and Tom is phenomenal, as always.

These stunning chairs have a home ready and waiting. Shane & Amy Moore owners of Wolf Creek Tavern (right down the street from us) will be happy to see their chairs come home to roost on the patio. I’m taking a friend to Wolf Creek Tavern this weekend specifically to try the chairs out and have a pint of Guinness with my bangers and mash.

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