Saturday, October 29, 2011

Create your Holiday Wish List at WCT!

Remember the last time you were at Wolf Creek Trading Co, and you saw that awesome hand made mug, and that beautiful fused glass plate and you knew you shouldn't buy them for yourself, because you were there to get a gift for someone else, but you thought, "boy, wouldn't it be great if someone came here and picked those up as a gift just for me?".
Well...Holiday shopping season is upon us, and here at Wolf Creek Trading, we are packed with the most amazing assortment of the finest in local hand made art, and a whole barn full of antiques to boot. So here is what we came up with...

Come on in and make a "Wish List" just for yourself.
Then write those items in our Gift Registry Book.
Tell all of your friends and family that the perfect gift is at Wolf Creek Trading.
We will help them choose from your hand picked list.
Watch their delighted faces when they see that they finally got you something you really wanted as a Holiday gift!

It's all part of creating a great shopping experience here at Wolf Creek Trading.

Don't forget, our Holiday Open House weekend is November 12th and 13th, so save the dates!

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