Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bob Yost Raku Workshop coming to WCT!

Summer is in full swing at Wolf Creek Trading, and we have lots to share with you! Check it out...

The weekends of July 15th &16th, and July 29th & 30th,  come join us for a Summer Gallery Grand Opening, featuring a fabulous opportunity to learn Raku pottery from renowned local artist Bob Yost.  You will have the chance to meet some of our fine artists and watch them in action as they create their wares.  There will be music provided by local talent, and tasty treats too.  Both weekends will be lots of fun, so be sure to come on down!


Raku is a really neat method of firing pottery. Each piece is heated in a kiln until it reaches about 1800 F. It is then removed, with tongs, while red hot and placed in a metal can with a combustible material, like paper or sawdust. The combustible material ignites and the fire and smoke react with the glaze to create very unique and unpredictable colors, lusters, and patterns. 
In this 2 part class,  Bob will take you through this amazing pottery process, from start to finish, and you leave the class with a creation all your own! Cost of the class is only $95. 

PART ONE,- July 15, 6pm-9pm: We will be making clay pieces to bisque fire. These would be either two small vessels like pinched tea bowls or  slab built tiles, or one larger piece like a luminarie or mask. Special clay that can withstand the "shock" of the raku process will be provided for you. 

PART TWO- July 29, 6pm:  This is the reduction "glaze" portion of process. This is where the magic happens! Be prepared to stick around for a while as your piece gets transformed. If you didn't get a chance to make something in Part One,  Bob will have some stuff you can play with for $25 each, so you won't go home empty handed.  

For more info on Bob Yost, visit his website at 

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